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Long-Term Programs for Students

Massachusetts-based, in-person only

The Visual Literacy Project’s long-term programs aim to have a sustained impact on the students and communities we serve. Through our long-term programming, we work with schools individually to design programs that suit their specific needs. Whether we conduct a multi-week extracurricular course, work with teachers in classrooms to integrate media arts into their existing curricula, or connect groups in different parts of the world through photography, we will work with you to design a program that your students will be forever changed by. 


Our long-term programs are especially meaningful for students who may struggle with traditional academics. We specialize in reaching students with learning differences or gaps in their education, students with social-emotional difficulties, English Language Learners, and others who may for various reasons be struggling with or disengaged from school. Our work helps students to become curious, engaged learners, and to find and develop their voices and visions.


For all long-term programs, the Visual Literacy Project will supply necessary equipment. In addition to time spent in schools, Visual Literacy Project staff are available to consult with teachers and school administrators on an ongoing basis.


Long-term engagement with schools will result in one or more projects to be exhibited or published, further connecting students’ work to the larger community and world.



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